In this Chatbots course you will learn...

What are chatbots

Why people use chatbots

Why brands use chatbots

The main risks using chatbots

What chatbots Upthrust made and what lessons Upthrust learned during this time

How chatbots provide greater customer experience

How chatbots work

Tools and platforms to use chatbots effectively

3 steps to create chatbots yourselves

Chatbot case studies

Instructor Chatbots

Dennis Peeters, Senior growth marketing @

Dennis Peeters made his first website over 20 years ago, and never stopped building them! He is passionate about new ways of communicating and advertising. He has been working 3 years on chatbots and has already created a few for the largests companies in Belgium.

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Free Chatbots Course

A strategical video course on how to use chatbots to boost engagement and get more quality leads