In this Conversion Rate Optimization course you will learn...

What is Conversion Rate Optimization

Steps to increase your Conversion Rate

How a powerful conversion funnel looks like

Variables you can optimize in your conversion funnel to improve your conversion rate

What is a good Conversion Rate (It's higher than u think)

How to increase traffic using CRO techniques

How to increase lead quality using CRO techniques

Tools you can use yourselves to increase your CRO

The importance of split-testing in CRO

The importance of experimentation in CRO

The importance of being original in CRO

Instructor Conversion Rate Optimization

Jonas Geuens, Head of CRO & Performance @

Specialised in doing online marketing with a twitch. Jonas is a performance marketeer that focusses on measurable results. He manages your online channels & digital strategy from A-Z. This includes improvement of the whole sales funnel & backend in order for your company to be able to take on volume.

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