In this Data Science course you will learn...

What the different types of data are

Key concepts of Data Science

The difference between Data Science and Google Analytics

Examples of Data Science

How Data Science can create value in marketing

How to use Data Science to increase e-commerce revenue

How to extract value using the Data Science Value Generator

The tasklist of a Data Scientist

Examples of real data

The Abandoned Cart Model and how to battle it

How to prepare data

How to model data

6 steps to infuse Data Science in Growth Marking

Instructor Data Science

Frank Cornelis, Data Science Lead @

Frank discovered data science 15 years ago, and ever since he is fascinated about it. He worked in every part of the value chain, organizing the data, making statistical models, and applying them in large organizations. Today even small companies that operate digitally amass vast amounts of data. So many opportunities. We live in fascinating times!

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