In this Growth Marketing course you will learn...

What growth marketing means

What skills growth marketers have

The core concepts of growth marketing

For what purposes you can use growth marketing

The tools used in growth marketing

What the growth marketing process looks like

Terms like OMTM and NSM and why they are important

How to implement growth marketing in your business

Instructor Growth Marketing

Dennis De Cat, Managing Partner

Dennis is a serial venture builder & growth strategist. He advises corporates & large SME’s on easy-to-implement growth strategies and tactics that show results as from day 1. He has experience in the fields of lead generation, CRO and growth process management. Dennis holds degrees at MIT (artificial intelligence), AMS (innovation) and UGent (Business Administration). Colleagues and clients describe him as a hustler, no-bullshit goal getter who gets things done. He’s a proud father of 2 daughters who energize him everyday. His motto? Wake up. Kick ass. Repeat.

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