Did you know there are 9 billion content impressions in the Linkedin feed every single week?

Here is why this is a great opportunity for your company.

Out of all the 500 million Linkedin users, only 3 million share content on a weekly basis.

That’s only 1% of monthly users.

That’s 3 million users getting all those 9 billion impressions.

Your impressions.

Let’s take it a step further.

I am confident to say that you have scrolled through your feed thinking: ‘what a useless


People posting a link to their blog.

People shouting they are looking to hire talent.

People talking about how great they are.

Useless content for you and your target audience.

You could see it as a waste of time.

Or as a missed opportunity to break through the noise.

An opportunity to set your company apart from your competitors.

The best part?

When done right, you are actually helping your target audience achieve their goals.

People that will know, like and trust you to do business with.

Instructor Social Selling

Ricardo Ghekiere, Head of Growth @ Upthrust.eu

Ricardo is passionate about growing companies from scratch. Having worked for more than 100+ different companies, Ricardo is currently writing detailed essays on growth and user acquisition that have been featured on Growthhackers.com, Forbes, Bloovi and many more to help you build a growth machine.

Instructor Social Selling

Dennis De Cat Managing Director @ Upthrust.eu

Dennis is a serial venture builder & growth strategist. He advises corporates & large SME’s on easy-to-implement growth strategies and tactics that show results as from day 1. He has experience in the fields of lead generation, CRO and growth process management. Dennis holds degrees at MIT (artificial intelligence), AMS (innovation) and UGent (Business Administration). Colleagues and clients describe him as a hustler, no-bullshit goal getter who gets things done. He’s a proud father of 2 daughters who energize him everyday. His motto? Wake up. Kick ass. Repeat.

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