In this Remote Growth course you will learn...

Key barriers of Growth Marketing in a corporate environment

How Growth Marketing is perfect for adressing the new reality

How to define your One Metric That Matters (OMTM)

How to organize your growth team remotely

How to prepare engagement with Growth Sprints

How to run Growth Sprints

Tools to embed Growth Sprints into your Business as usual (BAU)

Instructor Remote Growth

Stefan Herrebosch, Team Lead Upthrust @

With a background in Consulting, the Corporate, Agency and Media world, Stefan has discovered first hand what works at companies when talking full funnel growth, and what doesn’t.  Moreover, the set-up of an own social media agency and the creation of an own e-com store, have resulted in a complete understanding of which lean and growth tactics are the most impactful to getting companies started, and doing 10X fast. Today, Stefan helps corporates, large SMEs and scale-ups with their growth, by running Growth Projects, and embedding Growth as an operational process into their business.

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