I am pretty confident to say that you know at least one person in your network which has an ad blocker installed right now, but also that a lot of people don't know about side project marketing.

Not because I am some kind of future fortune teller, but because of hardcore data.

In 2017, 615 million devices now use adblock, which increases the odds that somebody in your network is using an ad blocker right now. In fact, on the 15th of February 2018, Google Chrome has launched his own ad blocker, increasing that number even further. Or maybe you are already using the Brave browser as I do.

It turns out 95 percent of people don’t like being interrupted and the other 5 percent absolutely hate it.

To put it in the words of Jeffrey Zeldman:

We hate advertising so much, we’ve trained ourselves not to look at the top or right sidebar on most sites.

My parents would even mute the TV when commercials started during the break.

Sounds pretty familiar?

As Seth Godin puts it, the key to great marketing and sales is that you need to gain the privilege to contact your prospects, over time by building trust. A great way to build trust is creating value for your prospect, which leads to blogging or other types of content creations.

Great, but as we both know, creating high-quality content and hitting that publish button on a consistent basis is one of the hardest challenges as a company.

What if we needed a shortcut to attract find and attract high-quality leads without disturbing them with ads?

This is how Side Project Marketing was born.

An alternative mix between content marketing and paid advertising that is slowly taking over the world and this course will teach you the why, how and what side project marketing is all about.

Instructor Side Project Marketing

Ricardo Ghekiere, Head of Growth @ Upthrust.eu

Hi there. I am Ricardo Ghekiere. Passioned about growing companies from scratch. Having worked for more than 100+ different companies, I am currently writing detailed essays on growth and user acquisition that have been featured on Growthhackers.com, Forbes, Bloovi and many more to help you build a growth machine.

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